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We are a highly valued RV Dealership that provides Sales, Service, and Parts in a professional manner by following a simple heritage-led philosophy:  offer quality products, back them with quality service and, most of all, make the customer’s overall experience as enjoyable and hassle-free as possible.


Instead of gimmicks and high-pressured sales, we try to create a relaxed atmosphere, that matches the relaxed pace of the RV lifestyle.  Instead of acting like salespeople, we serve as consultants who work to understand your needs and help you explore your options.  And instead of simply making a sale, we’re committed to doing whatever it takes to make you satisfied.  To us, there is no higher priority than your satisfaction, because we don’t just want to have your business; we want to keep it.


Our core values are based on integrity, teamwork, excellence, and financial sustainability:

Integrity:  Earning trust and building long-term relationships by doing the right thing

…Be open, honest, and caring

…Have a positive attitude

…Be responsible and accountable for our actions

…Conduct ourselves in a respectful manner


Teamwork:  Working together to achieve fulfilling and productive goals

…Encourage cooperation, respect, and unity

…Recognize achievements and value all team members’ opinions

…Continually develop and maximize everyone’s talents

…Have fun, take pride, and enjoy work


Excellence:  Meeting or exceeding expectations of all

…Practice excellence in all we do by anticipating and consistently being responsive to needs of others

…Take personal initiative for solving problems and improving all processes

…Grow professionally by continual learning and improvement

…Exceed expectations by under-promising and over-delivering


Financial Sustainability:  Contributing to financial stability and growth for all

…Manage our resources to support our financial growth

…Continually develop and invest in both people and business assets

…Anticipate, adapt, and provide cost-effective solutions in our marketplace that are profitable to all

…Sustaining profitability allows us to reinvest in our people, our business, and our community


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