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Larry Leaver was great! Never any pressure, just wanted us to see everything available that had the features we wanted. Then he was always helpful in answering any questions. Once we decided on the RV to purchase, he answered all of our questions and even had the service person available to answer questions! Very happy with our purchase!

BOB T. from South Carolina

We are so happy with everyone at Cullum and Maxey. From our sales man to finance and a big thumbs up to the techs that set us up. Everyone there went out of their way. We are so happy with our first rv. A big thank you to everyone at cullum & maxey.


I have been tardy writing a review of our Thor A.C.E. 30.2 RV because we have been traveling across the country and have little time to do so. The drive has given me much time to think about the purchase experience and talking to RVers from around the nation I have come to realize just how fortunate we have been to have made our purchase from Cullum & Maxey. As a writer I value just the right word and often spend a lot of time deciding which word to use. For my C&M experience I have decided that the right word here is SUPERLATIVE. From the initial contact with Walt Davis who answered so many questions, to the initial drive and the purchase negotiations, Walt proved to be a no nonsense, get down to business, kind of guy. Walt turned us over to Steve Searles the Business Manager who walked us through the financing process. Steve was so helpful and answered our questions before we asked them. Special thanks to Tonya, Jamie and especially Scott in the Service Department. We love our new Thor and have had a blast on this journey. Thank you ever so much to the Cullum & Maxey crew.


We had a wonderful experience buying our first camper from this great team! We started with internet sales and communication and they were polite, quick and helpful with every response. We then came to the lot and they provided us with all the knowledge about the camper we were looking at and just about camping and being owners. They truly made becoming camper owners a fun and exciting experience!

Phillip B. from Clarksville, TN

We had explored numerous RV sales throughout Tennessee, Kentucky and Illinois. Most were nice folks, however Cullum & Maxey was the first place we went to and no one could top them in their knowledge and pricing. Ray Cox was our salesman, with a brief assist by WD-40, both were great guys, no pressure and very easy to deal with. We love our Coachman Catalina. Thanks y'all.

Bill from Virginia

Bruce, Thank you so much for your extraordinary customer service and communication.  My family and I are extremely pleased with our Raptor and although we had a tough time the first trip out, we have since learned quite a bit more about the unit and are steadily picking up tricks of the trade for rv-ing, especially in hot weather (My wife wants another A/C unit, LOL).  I wanted to contact you earlier to both offer thanks and also inquire about the ladder.  Someone called me soon after our return home to figure out a way to mail it but I needed a business address that could accept what I believe is freight.  Honestly, we have been out on the road for nearly a month plus (with short resupply breaks back to the house).  We traveled to a Virginia State Park our first trip and then to the Outer Banks and N.C. mountains for some white water rafting.  Well the point is, I would like to still have the ladder if possible and now that I have been home for a solid week, I have found a friend who owns a business and will allow me to have the ladder shipped to his shop.  Can you find out if the ladder is still there at Cullum & Maxey?  If so, let me know and I will provide the address for shipping.  Thanks, Bill 

Billie and Elaine from Franklin, TN

Dear Bud, You have a valued employee in Tonya. She is highly competent in the work she does and the way she does it. She strikes a remarkable balance in her loyalty to the company and its interests and the customer's needs and concerns(including our very complex issues). We hope you consistently recognize this in all you do to reward and retain Tonya. Most Sincerely, Billie and Elaine

Henry, Julie and Rebekah from North Carolina

Thank you so much for helping us with the purchase of our 5th wheel. I am certain you were just doing your job but it was still a pleasant experience for us especially being all the way from North Carolina. We just want you to know we really appreciate your time and help. Thanks Again! Henry, Julie and Rebekah

Joe and Brenda from Jackson Tn.

I wanted to thank you and your staff for helping repair our 2009 Four Winds Class C. I apologize that I didn't send you this note sooner, but you know how busy you get sometimes. On the way back to Jackson, it drove much better with the new alignment!!! We very much appreciated Four Winds taking full responsibility for the alignment. And there was NO heat coming from the doghouse shield, so what you did worked, THANKS!!! Again, thanks to you and your staff for an outstanding repair and a friendly and efficient staff of dedicated associate

LOVECAMPIN from Nashville Tn

In June we purchased a 2005 Keystone Challenger 34TBS. We love the unit but have had a list of problems. First the slides leaked, and the floors squeaked. So,we took it to our dealership and was that ever a mistake. They fixed nothing but it was damaged on their lot. An employee hit it with a tow motor, which damaged the nose, the doors were hanging off the tracks, and the hydraulic door openers were sheared off. We were told the employee had gotten a divorce that day and was upset. We paid for that. We took off to Naples, Fl and were in a KOA when the power converter gave out. It was 95 degrees and we slept without air. We took it to Ft. Myers to a shop but had to pay to sleep at a motel (six of us). Our next stop was the Keys and we found our monitor panel no longer worked. But we got thru that. When we got home a wonderful gentleman at Cullum & Maxey listened to our problem and he took our unit and worked on it for 3 weeks. He fixed the slides which were dragging. He fixed the seals in the slide outs, replacing them. He got us a new control panel. It took 3 hours to rewire it as it was shorted out. He pulled our cabinets from the floor as the screws had split the framing, which was done in the factory. The linoleum was cut to short in the factory and pulled loose from the wall, they replaced that. And to fix the nose from the tow motor hit they replaced the front cap molding and said that the metal was even broken. The dealer I bought the unit from sold it to us at a fair price, but the service department was unprofessional and down right disrespectful of our unit and the amount of money we gave for it. I have to pay for this unit for 15 years and the first few months I have wondered what I got myself into. When you take the cap off the sewer system it fly's out without you even opening the valves. Its comfortable when it works right but you can see we have been through a nightmare with all these problems. I am thankful that a dealership that doesn't even sell Challengers was kind enough to take our unit and do all the warranty work it needed. Thank you Cullum & Maxey of Nashville, TN for your wonderful service department, we will be forever grateful.

WILLIAM ABBOTT from Hopkinsville, KY

Seldom do we get praise for excellence.  You have an employee, Tom Cartwright, who has shown to be an exceptional employee.  He has won me over to a customer of your business.  He had great customer skills and makes the customer feel very important.  I commend him for his, above and beyond, the call to the everyday task of duty.  Thanks to Tom for the way he has treated me.

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